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DK13 the „House Gangster“


DK13 is an overseas Vietnamese DJ who lives now in Zurich, Switzerland. “D” stands for the first letter of his Vietnamese last name while “K” stands for the first letter of Khaniboy, which his friends called him intimately. But only in the late 2013 did he decide to become a producer. Many years ago, he took the first steps in his life with the love for music.


His first REAL experience with music was at high school, as he played guitar and bass in rock band named IGNITION. The band recognized much success and they were invited to many concerts. These exciting experiences have brought up a heavy dose of adrenaline to DK13 and for the first time blow up the fire of passion for music.


In college, DK has come across with House music and was on a Rave name White Wolf Zurich. He encountered with Michael Procter with live band. “Damn they are real musician!” he surprised.


Through out the experience with many genres of music, DK13 has found out how much he was interested in electronic music. DJ El Greco, a member of Taktsystem, who also is his friend, showed him the first step of being a DJ. Thinking about the name for his first time being a REAL DJ, DJ Nice was his best fit. Since then, DJ Nice started playing House, Deep House, 2-step, Hip hop and R&B in a certain crabby bars and clubs in Zurich. His picks of destination for oversea escapes were Vietnam, the Philippines and Ibiza. In Vietnam, he played in the crowded and boisterous atmosphere of Rain Forest and Now Club in Saigon.

The Philippines with the beautiful white long beach attracting millions of tourists and musicians around the globe is also among his best pick. There he always met Tyrone B, another Taktsystem member. They played in the Formula bar and Bliss club in Manila. DK really enjoyed playing b2b with Tyrone B. “For Tyrone B, it seems like we have been sharing the same passion for music with each other for 14 years”, DK13 said.

How about Ibiza? “No comment”, he said.

lbiza was just amazing the way it was, with astonishing acts, clubs and atmosphere where DK13 found himself deeply impressed with Maceo Plex, Hector Couto, Seth Troxler and many more wonderful DJs.

During this time, he has become especially interested with groovy deep Bassline and slicing Tech House Claps since these ones reminded him of his instrumental background. Still he wants to be a “House Gangster”.


For the moment, DK13 is a resident DJ for a small underground club named Crown of the Underground, Zurich, which partly satisfies his wish to play in front of a fascinated small crowd but his Ibiza Dream never ends…….