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Fact File / Biographie








Artist Name / Name:

Tyrone B Nelson / Tyrone Nelson Baggenstos


Age / Date of Birth:

35 / 01.06.1982



Filipino / Swiss





First big gig:

Angels of House, Zurich 1999


TYRONE B NELSON alias Tyrone Nelson Baggenstos 1982 is a Filipino/Swiss electronic music DJ and producer, born and grown up in Zurich Switzerland.

Tyrone started deejaying in the early 90`s and played as a resident every Fridays at the School club in Town. As a small `hip hop` kid he experiment with all kinds of music styles. After a while he visited Techno/Rave parties. Soon he became a part of the scene and started listening to House-Beats. House music became his big love at the end.

At the age of 16 till 19 Tyrone played already at the most famous clubs in Zurich, in Manila/Philippines and in Germany. During that period he was a DJ member of the Artist-Label ``Real House Production`` owned by “Chan-Dru`” one of the best House DJ`s at that time. They organized the legendary parties ``Angels of House`` in the “Albisriederhaus” in Zurich City with DJ`s like DJ Antoine, X-Rhythm, Marc Hürlimann, A.J Crypt, Zsu Zsu, Aston Martinez and many more.

In 2003 Tyrone went with ``Kosta Greco``- one of his best friends - for one year to the Spanish island Gran Canaria. As a resident DJ he played regularly the best hip hop classics in the ``Black Sugar``, a famous hip hop bar located in the Kasbah Shopping Center. At weekends he performed in the prestigious clubs ``Zig Zag`, ``Pacha``, ``Chic`` at Plaza.

After his return to Switzerland Tyrone started playing for the Label ``Headlinerz`` where Dj`s like Cosi Dee, A.S One, J. Anderson and many more were involved.

After a few years acting as a DJ and organizing all kind of parties, Tyrone left his passion for a while for education reasons and for starting his own business, the embroidery company `Stickerei Baggenstos` what designs and labels shirts, hats and other DJ merchandising.


Credentials Switzerland:

Member of Real House Production, Member of Headlinerz, Artist of Lemon Juice Records,        Angels of House, Amboss Rampe, Scream Club, Rotor, Zoo Club, Superzero, 4 Akt, Sulzer Escher Wyss, Byblos Club, Glamers Club, Static Club, Club Oh!, Club Inn, Sugar Lounge, Le Bal, Säulenhalle, Magic Club, Next, Rampe Club, Cheers Bar, Livingroom, Castro Bar, Red Lounge, Gutenberg, Moods, Züri Fäscht, Hotel Atlantis by Giardino, Alice Choo, Queens, Babette, Q Zurich, Sun Sky Lounge, Alice Choo, Evita, Queens, Corso, Street Parade, SpaceMonki, Babette, Below83, Seenachtfest Rapperswil, Club Q, BBQ, Dionis Club, Staff Club, Saloon Club, Provitreff, Dipiu, El Paso, Renaissance Tower Hotel...


Credentials International:

Limits (Manila), Phenomenon (Manila), Suede (New York), Dreams (Manila), Formula (Manila), Bliss (Manila), Padis Point (Manila), Chic (Gran Canaria), Pacha (Gran Canaria), Zig Zag Resident (Gran Canaria), Black Sugar Resident(Gran Canaria)


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